Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our wines.

Grape Time Winery is a division of IncrediBREW, Inc. which has been helping customers make wine at our facility in Nashua for 14 years. In 2004, we obtained our winery license and began producing wines for retail and commercial sale.

We obtain quality juice from the major wine producing regions of the world including France, Italy, Australia, California and others. Each batch of wine is hand-crafted, fermented, bottled, corked, labeled, and aged at our store in carefully controlled 30 bottle lots.

If you would like, we will offer free wine tastings for you in order to demonstrate the variety and quality of our wines. We are proud of our products and want you to be equally confident in the wines that you purchase.

IncrediBREW has printed over 2 million labels for our beer, wine and soda customers. Custom labels are an important part of selling our wines for specialty markets.

Yes, many varieties are available in limited quantities. Due to the variety of wines we produce, we rotate our offering and have a different line up of wines for sale every month. Of course, we keep the more popular styles on the shelf at all times.

Wines are available for purchase from our winery in Nashua and at several retail stores and restaurants.